ScooterDad – Freestyle scooter info for parents and kids

ScooterDad - Freestyle scooter info for parents and kids

Be sure to check out our partner site for beginning freestyle scooter information for parents and kids at

If you're new to the world of freestyle scootering and you're looking for some tips and tricks, swing on by Even if you've been around the scooter world once or twice already, take a look at the tutorial articles. There's always something new to learn from tips on installing bearings to what to expect at a scooter competition.

Here's what ScooterDad has to say about the new site:

My goal is to provide valuable information to parents, as well as kids, to ease some of the bumps along the road and to help guide kids in the journey of freestyle scootering. Whether your kid is just starting out or if he has aspirations of being a pro scooter rider someday, I hope the ScooterDad blog can be a positive, fun, family-safe resource many people can utilize.

Thanks for checking out ScooterDad!

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